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Oddball Icons

as if we couldn't get any weirder

Oddball Icons: The More Obscure, The Better!
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Normal people welcome!
They're chewy....

Bored with the usual icon subjects?
Like weird or unusual images?
Do working with opposing images/themes thrill you?

Do you like to be really different and haven't found a place that appreciates it?

Welcome to Oddball.


1. Credit when taking (and pay attention to what rules are lain down by the individual icon-maker, they may want their credit in the comment section or the keywords; listen to them!)

2. No flaming/bashing/bad-mouthing anyone. Period. If you don't like them, you don't like them; leave it alone. However, commenting is nice. Folks take a lot of time thinking/creating these things. We want to know we're appreciated.

3. Show up to 3 icons maximum as teasers/previews, but put the rest under an LJ-cut.

4. No hotlinking. Put stuff up on your own space. Stealing bandwidth is bad Karma!

5. No nudity! It will have to be a very particular case (Bettie Page, for example) and the image has to be in very good taste. Let's try to keep that sort of thing out of this comm, but if you absolutely have to have it, give us a warning, give us a link to your journal and we'll call it a day.


cap_it - screen cap community (a lot of normal films/TV shows, but there are obscure movies/ads on it as well; and you can request stuff, too, in capitrequests)
fringe_caps - a new screen cap community that focuses on small fandoms, ie., things that may not be for the general population.

Getty Images - just start searching for any random item and icon-make your little hearts out!

If you know of a good place that should be up here, please let me_fein know, thanks!


Check out these comms of awesome


Feel free to use any of these on your profile page!
Link it back to our profile page. (Please upload onto your own space.)

Please email me_fein {at} Livejournal {dot} com if you have any questions/concerns